About us

The Robotic Academy Intuitve Naples (R.A.I.N.) is one of the official Intuitive training centers in the world, it is a place where the new generations of surgeons who operate assisted by robots are trained.

In 2017, Intuitive Surgical, producer of the Da Vinci Robotic System, identifying the Biotechnology Center of the Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples (Italy) as the official training place for robotic surgery, signed an agreement with the Cardarelli Hospital and AB Medica, which distributes the system in Italy and other countries. R.A.I.N. it is the result of the synergy between the participants; its main objective is to train the surgeons from all over the world, from public and private institutions, to teach them how to use the Da Vinci robotic system.

The trainers, starting from basic levels and following a precise protocol (Intuitive Passport), progressively take care of the surgeons’ training. The training center has three/four robotic systems and uses simulators, dry lab, animal lab, cadaver lab and, if it is necessary to use anatomical preparations not of human origin, the Alternative Tissue Model (A.T.M.), that is the KindHeart

R.A.I.N. mainly welcomes surgeons from European and Mediterranean countries (Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Denmark). The surgical specialties involved are: urology, general surgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery,…

The advanced courses are coordinated by the most prestigious hosts of the specialty.

Each event involves the participation of a maximum of two trainees. The surgeons are certified directly by Intuitive.


Guido De Sena

Francesca Cerruti

AB Medica CEO

Santolo Cozzolino

Center of Biotechnologies
Past Director


Antonio d'Amore

A. Cardarelli Hospital CEO

Maria Saffiotti

Customer Training Manager

Alessandro Mantesso

Clinical Sales Director

Elena Cimatti

Professional Education Manager

Maurizio Cappiello

Center of Biotechnologies Officer

Francesca Fiadone

RAIN Secretariat

Massimo Bologna

Training Specialist

Emilio Zappa

Training Specialist

Filippo Polleri

Training Specialist

Sigismondo Castaldo


Eva Di Maro


Maria F. Fiordelisi


Filomena Piccolo


Anna Tagliaferri


Ivano Esposito

Animal Technician

Davide Landinetti

Animal Technician

Rosanna Alleva

Animal Technician

Federica Tancredi

Animal Technician